This work was created for a campaign proposal for the city of San Jose, California. The goal of this work was to create a campaign that would help the city of San Jose promote its recycling program.

Date Completed: October 2015

The City of San Jose audited its recycling program and found that the city’s recycling rate has decreased in the last three years due to residents not recycling correctly or recycling contaminated materials.

1. Increase recycling rate by educating San Jose residents about what can correctly be recycled.

2. Proposed Deliveries:

The target market is San Jose residents who live in single family home. According to a city audit, single family home diverted on 32% of the garbage, which was the lowest among other types of residential and business units.

The focus of my personas were mostly people who commute to offices in downtown San Jose by public transportation. This created opportunities to provide campaign exposure through billboard ads found at train stations and bus stops.

The large part of this project was focused on developing brand and logo for the campaign. The four icons that I created for the branding concept were incorporated into many iterations of the logo, starting with the sketches, then applying vector graphics with colors, and finally developing the official logo of the campaign.

Since the focus of advertisement is on billboards, I wanted to create something that can educate and interact with the audience. So I came up with a game that let users decide what can be recycled and what cannot.

Part of the campaign is to create a microsite that helps educate the people of San Jose about recycling. A site map was first created to understand the size of the site, and then wireframes were developed.